Locally Good Farms


Locally Good Farm is comprised of Stephanie, Patrick, Finnegan & Margot Poetter (pronounced like Potter).  We started the farm in the Spring of 2015, after moving to Western North Carolina 6 months before.  The farm is located in the Burnsville area, which is full of farmers, artists, artisans, and many other creative types that care about what is really important in life. It is a place where people appreciate the natural beauty surrounding them, and good, quality, clean food.

LGF was named with the objective that we would not only be making and selling our own products, but teaching classes, giving farm tours, and helping to promote other local farmers and creative people.  Patrick has a background as a restaurateur / chef, and Stephanie in both restaurant and design.  We do our own creating, making, packaging and marketing, and would like to teach others how they can do any of those things, or all!  Stephanie is currently teaching product making classes throughout WNC.  In the next few years, we hope to create a space at the farm where we can teach classes, give tours, and have people stay overnight.


Roots Fruits