No Evil Foods



We make meat from plants. Period. It all started in 2014 when two badass plant masters — Sadrah Schadel & Mike Woliansky — joined forces to bring you the best & most sustainable proteins on the planet. Hungry mouths of the masses yearning for something more…. GET READY!

We use REAL, SIMPLE ingredients & recipes developed in our home kitchen to create bold, full-flavored plant meats that are environmentally friendly, cruelty free & damn delicious! Here in Asheville, NC we do things right. We make our small batch plant meats from scratch & by hand, updating a centuries old tradition to deliver powerful & innovative plant-based proteins!

Get all the bite, rich flavors and juicy experience of meat while positively impacting the environment and fueling your body with the best stuff out there. It’s completely void of cholesterol, wicked low in fat, and ultra rich in protein. So, skip the diabetes, hold the heart disease, and keep the meat. Step up and meat the future!

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