Olivette Farm


Growing up in Georgia and working in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, Justin developed a deep appreciation for the natural and began to look for a unique way to care for the earth in his work. After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Geography from Jacksonville State University and spending years working in landscaping, a great affection for good food, community, and sustainability spurred Justin to begin farming.

For the past three years, Justin has managed an organic farm in the Atlanta-area and has sold his produce at markets and restaurants throughout the city. After discovering Olivette and the founders' vision for an organic farm, Justin knew that the Asheville community and the role of Farm Manager at Olivette Farm would be a perfect fit. Justin’s hopes for the farm are not only that Olivette would become a vital contributor of sustainably grown produce in the Asheville area, but that his work would further the rapidly-expanding community of people learning to approach eating and growing in a holistic manner.

For Justin, farming provides an avenue to serve, teach and grow the local community in significant and essential ways – and what could be more essential than fresh, healthy food?

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