Queen Bee Farms


Queen B Farms is a small family ran farm in Mebane NC. (Southern Orange Co.), owned by Eric & Nita Bunker and their 10 year old son Charles. 
This is a 4th generation farm given to Eric’s Grand Parents as a wedding present from his Great Grand Daddy. We have over 200 acres in farm use. 

Our Chickens, Ducks and Turkeys are Never ever debeaked, and never forced into a molt... We do not to feed any GMO Crops to our birds. We do not feed them any hormones or antibiotics. Please note: our chicken will never ever be a 100% vegetarian fed. We let our birds do what they were born to do, and that is to eat bugs and worms. We always grant a meaningful outdoor access, we keep our birds out on our pastures and move them to fresh grass as need. They are allowed to spread their wings, nest and to take dusk baths, all natural behaviors. Our birds are all NPIP Certified (National Poultry Improvement Plan). This means we have our birds tested by the USDA every 90 days for the following diseases: Pullorum, Fowl typhoid, Avian Mycoplasmas, Salmonilla enteric and Avian influenzas. This is only a volunteered program, and if the USDA finds one sick bird they will kill all of our birds. But we feel that it is our responsibility to our customers.

We also work with the North Carolina department of soil and water to help improve water resources on our land to benefit all citizens of North Carolina in compliance with existing river basin and watershed rules. We believe that we must do our part in insuring a healthier tomorrow today. 


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