Round Mountain Creamery


We are the first Grade “A” goat dairy in NC. Our creamery is a small, yet sophisticated, milk processing plant on our farm. We’re committed to producing the highest quality dairy available. The creamery and farm are regulated by the North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services Food & Drug Protection Division monthly to maintain the highest quality!

Our goats are milked twice a day. Their milk travels through stainless steel piping into a refrigerated holding tank and is chilled to 35 degrees. The milk is tested in our lab, vat-pasteurized, fast chilled to 35 degrees, bottled, capped and then shipped to you, ready to enjoy.

Round Mountain Creamery's fresh and wholesome milk comes from their Alpine and LaMancha Dairy Goats. The health and well being their goats is the foundation for their excellent products. Pastures are managed with organic fertilizers and their feeds are completely free of animal by-products. Proof you can taste!

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