Underwood Family Farm


Our grass based dairy is very simple. We allow the cows to graze naturally the way they were designed to eat. They eat grass and are supplemented with hay during winter. We do feed a small organic protein supplement (no cottonseed meal or soy) while they are in the stall being milked. This allows them to get valuable vitamins and minerals as well as keeps them happy to stand still!

We allow our cows to dry up, or not produce milk for about six weeks before they give birth to their next calf. This provides the cow with some time off for her body to get ready for her calf. We do not give our cows any hormones, chemicals or unnecessary antibiotics. at all. We also only use antibiotics in cases of emergency and then we withhold the milk for a longer period than required.

By allowing the cows to graze and not be in a confinement situation they live a stress free life and happily give milk. Our cows are raised naturally, humanely and with certified organic standards.

Under current NC law our raw milk is labeled as PET MILK. 

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