Chicken Share


Our plump, juicy, mouth watering , slow growth chicken is served in many fine restaurants in the Asheville are.
We raise the freedom ranger chicken. Developed in France to thrive on pasture, it has superior foraging ability enabling it to get 30% to 40% of its diet from pasture. Our birds take 9 to 10 weeks to reach 3 to 4lbs. Our slow growth chicken is more flavorful because of the more complex amino acid profile that age provides and it ability to aggressively forage. More nutritious,too. If you are looking for poultry humanely raised and superior flavor, our chicken is the only one you need on the table.     
We move our meat birds to a new section of pasture every 24 hours when the pasture is optimal. During times of drought we move our birds 2 to 3 times per day. If flooding occurs we pile hay in the bottom of the shelter to give the birds a platform to keep them high and dry but they still have access to pasture if they so choose.

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